Jamie Lynn Anastasio, LMSW


Jamie Lynn Anastasio is an Ivy league educated licensed master social worker with over eight years of experience in mental and behavioral health. Jamie holds an LMSW in New York as well as an LCSW in New Jersy with expertise in strengths-based therapeutic work with children and adults with a variety of diagnoses in community mental health and residential settings. She specializes in clinical practice among diverse populations experiencing co-occurring mental disorders, PTSD and Trauma and substance abuse.

Jamie demonstrates an integrative therapeutic approach, specifically utilizing Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral techniques with individuals and families to address maladaptive thought, communication and behavioral challenges.

‘I have worked in multi-cultural, gender, age and ethnically dynamic settings addressing individuals with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD/trauma, ADHD, Mood and Personality Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as those experiencing life transitions & challenges in interpersonal relationships. A unique strength is my experience helping both men, women and children to overcome the pain of emotional and sexual abuse including the related trauma it causes. I value the importance of fostering a healthy therapeutic environment in which empathy, compassion and understanding are always present.’