Fred L. Holtz, PhD


Dr. Holtz is Executive Director of Psychological Services Long Island. He received his Doctorate from Hofstra University and did his undergraduate work at SUNY Stony Brook and Nassau Community College. His Master’s degree, also from Hofstra, was granted ‘With Distinction’ for outstanding academic, research, and clinical accomplishment. Dr. Holtz is the author of Ten Ways To Reduce Stress and Anxiety, a practical booklet on identifying and reducing anxiety. Dr. Holtz has presented his informative and entertaining workshop, ‘Dating 101’ to dozens of local libraries and civic organizations. His articles and workshops on coping with stress, and on improving communication in relationships have been featured on Long Island NEWS 12 and in NEWSDAY.

Dr. Holtz has extensive experience in individual and marital therapy, learning disabilities and psychological evaluation. Dr. Holtz has been in private practice for over twenty-five years, and has been a guest lecturer and workshop leader for businesses and non-profit organizations. The website was established over sixteen years ago and was one of the first sites of its kind. The website remains on the cutting edge of quality. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Holtz is adjunct Professor of Psychology at Suffolk County Community College. Dr. Holtz has an obvious passion for providing the very best Psychological services to Long Island residents. He will do whatever it takes to make the therapeutic experience the most comfortable, pragmatic and effective available. He is dedicated to having both clients and colleagues reach their ultimate potential.

‘I was always good at listening to people. Way back in high school my friends would call me for advice with personal decisions and relationship issues. I took an interest in Psychology at Nassau Community College where I started to do well in psychology courses. I became a Psychology major because I was always fascinated with helping people. My Father always had a calm wisdom in giving advice and dealing with family issues, and my Mother is a boisterous, engaging woman truly enthralled with getting to know other people. I like to think that I am a combination of the two.

In graduate school I worked with individuals with physical and emotional disabilities, Asperger’s and mental retardation. I took special interest in anxiety disorders, relationship issues and Attention Deficit Disorder. I excel in helping individuals who are going through life changing situations cope more effectively and achieve their life goals. By the end of therapy clients will better reach their own potential so that they can succeed in challenging daily situations and navigate through future problems. I want them to improve their lives and be more satisfied, relaxed, and comfortable with themselves. I attempt to understand each person, their unique set of circumstances and their individual goals and aspirations. clients leave the very first session with something to think about so the therapy starts immediately. I have always been interested in creative activities: photography, music production, media, books, and reading. I encourage my clients to develop and pursue hobbies and pastimes as well.’