Andrew Scherbarth, PhD


Dr. Andrew has significant and noteworthy experience in providing support to children and young adults, as well as to caregivers, parents, and school staff. He also has thorough experience with group and school-based therapy and advocacy. Therapy addresses a variety of psychiatric diagnoses (ADHD, ODD, Impulse-Control, Behavioral, Developmental, Anxiety, and Mood Disorders). He also works with individuals on the Autism Spectrum and with Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities. Dr. Andrew has been particularly effective with common issues among younger children (compliance, aggression, tantrums, bedtime, toilet training, separation anxiety, social skills), as well as issues with teens and young adults (anxiety, panic, social, phobias, generalized as well as depression, adjustment, and social skills issues). He also has proficiency with treatment related to grief/bereavement, trauma, and assessment.

Dr. Andrew’s aim is always to address goals desired by a child/teen and their family or school. Overall, he ensures that everyone is as satisfied as possible. Dr. Andrew’s therapeutic orientation is Behavioral, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). He also draws influence from Family Systems Theory, Humanistic Theory, and Social Learning Theory. In sessions, he is relatable, always tries to understand the situations that his clients encounter, and collaborates on a treatment plan that fits each set of circumstances and family preferences in ways that make behavior change easier for everyone. He is open to feedback, likable, and is flexible on recommendations.